“I have just spent 3 days with Lesley in her retreat  for my mind, body and soul from the moment I got there  , Lesley took care of me and knew what to do, she shared her love and understanding from her heart and gave such feelings of energy and peace from the moment I was with her.
I am touched by her as she has found my soul and taken me through a path to find my happiness , my self peace. Her belief and giving is nothing short of a MIRACLE , she is an angel.
Her scanning , clearing and Reiki is a wonder to see colours and feel  such inner freedom, to feel your worries and pains fade away behind you, to give you energy and spirit to be strong and be free to be what you desire, what your heart needs,  to give you inner strength to meet all challenges and cross all bridges to be the positive one again, to breath again. Lesley gives everything to find your solice, to find the strength to seek the future and to find your path, your self belief  to become self confident and move forward into a new world.
EFT is amazing, its real, it has changed my life in moving pain that i have suffered with for years, physically and emotionally I feel like a new woman and I am . EFT has transformed me and it connects inside me and my body , it has shown me and helped me in so many ways .
I have been blessed to meat and find Lesley, she has changed my life  , her treatments  , her intuition , her connecting with you is something i will always cherish and continue to learn from. .”
                         ~ Jenny
“I would 100% recommend Lesley!!! I first contacted Lesley in December 2015 and booked 5 sessions with her.  I had been  in a negative, abusive relationship for 15 years and knew I needed to get out but could not see any way forward.  When I first spoke to Lesley, I felt like my feet were stuck in mud and she did a screening and all my energy sources were completely gummed up! Within two sessions I was ready to move forward! I moved into my own flat on Easter Monday and feel like a completely different person, family, friends and colleagues have all commented that I look happy, free and even younger!! I know that Lesley learned some of the techniques she uses in order to help a member of her own family and she is now able to help people get their lives back from the brink!! Words can’t express how much I thank you, Lesley!!”
                                                                                                 ~ Jan Jacobs