EFT is a revolutionary new technique that involves tapping on acupuncture points whilst focusing on a problem. It is gentle and easy to learn and a wonderful self-help tool. EFT helps to release old negative emotions that can end up controlling our lives and can eventually cause dis-ease within our bodies.

EFT uses the body’s natural energy systems to heal the body and the mind by neutralising the disruptions in the body’s electrical system and thereby relieves psychological stress and physical pains. For further information and to download the free EFT manual go to – or clickHERE

 Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases. Gary Craig – EFT Founder.

Is an advancement to EFT, and can change your relationship with your past and completely transform your physical and emotional health in the present. Matrix Reimprinting can alter learned behaviours and images from our past, leaving us free to rewrite our past. These negative experiences unconsciously influence our every thought pattern, behaviour and action. Over 95% of our daily activities, habits and behaviours are governed by our subconscious mind.
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Faster EFT, is a derivative of the original EFT but reputed to be up to five times faster in helping people deal with their problems. The Emotion Code uses muscle testing to identify trapped emotions that are contributing to our problems and actions (i.e. addictive behaviours and lack of self-esteem). They can be then be identified and released. A very fast tool for encouraging self-healing.

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
NLP is a complicated way of saying that we can use our language to change the way we think, a bit like upgrading the computer software of our brain. I often use NLP within my sessions as it can help to eliminate negative patterns, habits and beliefs.

Life Coaching is about self-empowerment and taking responsibility for you own life. The client initiates and decides what areas of their life they want to change and the coach support and guides the client to work towards these positive and achievable goals.

The coaching relationship is based on mutual respect and trust, celebrating together your victories and helping you to learn from setbacks. It is a partnership, helping you to keep focused, motivated and inspired to move towards your chosen goals.

If you book one of my transformational retreats at The Perfect Retreat, I include all of the above therapies and focus on the ones that you respond to best.