About Me

Aged 21, Lesley was diagnosed with a viral pneumonia leading to a collapsed lung which was almost fatal. Her mother saw her fading and took her home as the hospital had no cure and had given up. At home her mother nurtured her back to good health with home remedies and her love, it was a medical miracle that opened Lesley’s eyes to healing and she decided to train as a homeopath.

She raised her own children without medication or antibiotics but aged 17 her son had an accident whilst her family were on a sailing trip, he ended up in a Portuguese  hospital for three months after eventually being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Days before the major surgery, the operation was cancelled due to a complete change in cancer traces, it had vanished but he was not out of the woods, when they returned to France he was given a bleak long-term chronic diagnosis.

Lesley remembered her experiences of healing herself with her mothers help and found and trained in EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique which was an energy psychology. Despite her son being told he would never live a normal life, over the course of her treatment, this changed! Today he is healthy and happy living a beautiful life in Haiti with his son.

Over the last 8 years Lesley has trained in many other modalities and can look back at this trauma as almost a blessing to move into a new understanding of healing and helping others. She has cured and helped countless people over the years and now has her own retreat where she offers courses of treatment to rebalance and rehabilitate.